Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lisa Marie Presley - Indifferent [Live Performance]

This is one of hers amazing performances. Her voice is so very strong like no ones. I love it very much.

L.O.V.E. xx

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lisa Marie Presley.

This is the woman who turned Michael around and helped him to rebuild his health and position after process in 1993. A lot of Michael's fans think she was bad for him and they only imitated love especially for media. But when I look at their photographs I see two the happiest persons in the world, I think Lisa Marie and Michael had true love across this 16 months but Lisa didn't keep tension created around hers and Michael by stupid media.
You heard about Lisa Marie but many of you didn't hear Lisa Marie :) So I have some information and propositions for you :)
Lisa Marie published albums:

To Whom It May Concern [2003]
  1. "S.O.B."
  2. "The Road Between"
  3. "Lights Out"
  4. "Better Beware"
  5. "Nobody Noticed It"
  6. "Sinking In"
  7. "Important"
  8. "So Lovely"
  9. "Indifferent"
  10. "Gone"
  11. "To Whom It May Concern"

Now What [2005]

  1. I'll Figure It Out
  2. Turbulence
  3. Thanx
  4. Shine (featuring Pink)
  5. Dirty Laundry
  6. When You Go
  7. Idiot
  8. High Enough
  9. Turned To Black
  10. Raven
  11. Now What

My fav Lisa Marie's album is "Now What" I
love "Idiot", "Dirty Laundry", "Now What", I'll Figure It Out", "Raven", "High Enough", "Turned To Black" & "Thanx" ok... I love whole tracklist ;P

So for summary I'm Michael's fan but no one can change my words about Lisa, I still think they had real love. People think wrong about she because they read hers faked interviews, I never saw Lisa Marie talked wrong about Michael.
That's all from me ;)

L.O.V.E. xx

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I want to present you someone. I think, much of you saw she in Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT! movie, but not much of you, want to know something more about her. Yes I'm talking about Michael's new guitarist and great discovery - Orianthi Panagaris. She has only 25 years old and contacts with most famous people and guitarists in the world, like Carlos Santana or Steve Vai. She started play on acoustic guitar when she has only 6 years old, when she has 11, Carlos Santana came to Adelaide, Orianthi was so affected and started playing on electric guitar because she wanted to be like him. She bought all his videos and learned his guitar solos.
So maybe it's time for show, how Ori hit to Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT! Tour. It was very short story :) Michael saw her performance with Carrie Underwood at the 51st annual Grammy Awards and he just wanted her to his Tour :) Michael's manager wrote to her on MySpace, she couldn't believe that Michael Jackson wanted to perform with her. :))
Orianthi is very talented, nice and crazy person.

If You want write to she here is her official Twitter page:

Orianthi still make videos and telling us where she is now. You can find it on her official YT Channel :

Orianthi's Music:

Album "Violet Journey" [2006]
  1. "Lights of Manos"
  2. "He's Gone"
  3. "Violet Journey"
  4. "Everyday"
  5. "Here on Earth"
  6. "Right Now"
  7. "Anybody Else"
  8. "Out of Reach"
  9. "Wouldn't Change a Thing"
  10. "Anaheim"[Believe]
Album "Believe"
  1. "According to You"
  2. "Suffocated"
  3. "Bad News"
  4. "Believe"
  5. "Feels Like Home"
  6. "Think Like a Man"
  7. "What's It Gonna Be"
  8. "Untogether"
  9. "Drive Away"
  10. "Highly Strung"
  11. "God Only Knows"

And Single: "Shut Up And Kiss Me" [2010]

I really love her music and she like a person, when I get her autograph you'll know about it first ;] You can find her music on my YT Channel

L.O.V.E. xx

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dance .

Do you want learn to dance like Michael Jackson? I think it's not to hard but you need a bit of free time, because it's not to easy too ;P So jump on the floor and start! Yep maybe start from the most classical moves like moonwalk [correct name is backslide because real moonwalk is a little different than that] sideslide, circleslide...
I think the best person who can help you with MJ's dance moves is my friend Adam! He did much tutorials, on his YT channel you can find Michael's classical single moves and tutorials to all choreography like Dangerous, Billie Jean or Smooth Criminal...

Check Adam's Channel:

"Get the point? Good... Let's dance!"