Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Michael Jackson new single - "Breaking News" - controversy

It's more than 12 hours after "Breaking News" song had its premiere of streaming on for one week. As premiere had happen then controversy starts to happen as well.

Michael's mother Katherine Jackson, son Prince Michael 1st and daugther Paris Jackson said before the premiere that the song "Breaking News", "is not sang by Michael".

Sony itself vows the song is sang by Michael. The fans of Michael Jackson are divisions. Some fans admit it's Michael's voice for 100% and some are covnviced as Jackson Family it's not Michael's voice. In website opinion the song is not sang by Michael. You can check it out yourself at and make your own conclusion.

Katherine Jackson with Michael's children also claims that up coming new album "Michael" includes few fake songs. If that's true then record company or Cascio himself wants to make Michael's fan fool people who would buy everything. But how does it look like if on Michael's own album are some other voices singing songs but not only Jackson himself? Well, we all will see when new Jackson's album will be released. Until that time we cannot know anything besides of the song that is available to listen on Stay tuned!

Source: GeniusMJ

And here's a question: Is ts fake o real song? I don't know what to think but much people from my family and friends when first time heard this song much of they said: "This is good beat but who is singing it?" it's unbelievable that Sony want to release on the album song singin' by someone else... But remember : 
Lie for it
Spy for it
Kill for it
   Die for it ...
         They're sick about money... But maybe it was just false alarm because I read somewhere that "Breaking          News" won't be a first official single of the Michael Jackson's new album.

 L.O.V.E. xx       

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