Sunday, February 20, 2011

Slash about Gn'R reunion: Axl must say "sorry".

On first days of February Slash confessed that he would back to Guns N' Roses if frontman - Axl Rose, would say "sorry", just at this time Slash will really seriously consider reunion. Axl said "no" in the same day, he wrote on his Twitter :
"Contrary to anyone's claims there are no concrete plans nor were there ever for a tour, a relaunch or sponsors (n' certainly not to replace anyone in the band) beyond a collection of random ideas thrown out by various individuals w/out any real foundation or negotiations in place other than our prior involvements (which wouldn't take a rocket scientist to put together). And 4 the record Doc McGhee is no longer involved w/either myself or GN'R."
"N' b4 it's twisted "prior involvements" has nothing to do with old GN"R."
Whatever... "sorry" from Axl's mouth is unreal... maybe in the bottom he wants old Guns N' Roses but he doesn't want to look like pussy saying "anything" to Slash = his biggest enemy...badly for him, not for Slash, bcoz he's in better position, he has a in which he has nearly all original Guns! He released solo album, had tour with Legend - Ozzy Osbourne, own World Tour with Alter Bridge vocalist, Myles Kennedy which was so fn' amazing! "New Guns & Roses"? it isn't band it's just Rose, Rose and his ego...

Axl Rose & Slash
Something what we'll never see again... the same place.

Slash & Myles Kennedy
Pleasure which we have every time when they're together on stage, the best guitarist and one of the best rock vocalists. I hope that they'll be together on next tour.

xox ~ urs Alexandra

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