Monday, March 28, 2011

NiceOne - Must Be The Music

Zapraszam do głosowania na zespół wokalny NiceOne. W sobotnim odcinku polskiej edycji Must Be The Music: Tylko Muzyka  zespół wykonał cover piosenki Mariah Carey - One Sweet Day.

Serdecznie zapraszam do obejrzenia ich występu na oficjalnej stronie programu - na Facebooku i głosowania :)


Short language lesson guys? :P My friends - vocal band called "NiceOne"performed in a TV show, I think knew by much of you - Must Be The Music. They presented cover of Mariah Carey - One Sweet Day. Now they need some percents of votes. We can voting for them on official site of the programme - on Facebook, you can watch them there too, but... this page is in polish language, I don't think so that you could understand anything, but if you  want to see them...and of course vote ;> I'll give you instructions xD
Firstly click here: Official Facebook Page of Must Be The Music , log in FB if you're not online there. Click this big pink press with words: "Przejdź do głosowania", wait for load new window and find NiceOne between the rest of artists, click, and play the vid :D You can give vote after watch!  :)  
O.o it wasn't that hard like I thought =D


Okay, using the opportunity that I'm here: I haven't got much time to wrote here but maybe this weekend I'll leave a post about Slash & band tour, now I can say just that they're awesome like always! 
News from Orianthi? I talked with her on Saturday, she said that new album will be definitely released this year, this will be something bluesy, rock & pop! In passed weeks she upload 2 vids in which she's playing on her acoustic, one totally new, bluesy and so fn' amazing song & old track from her "Violet Journey" album - "Here on Earth". Sounds great don't you think? I asked her what she thinks about release album with unplugged versions of her songs, she said that it will be cool & so now we must just wait, but 1st I want to hear her newest songs! :D
I think it's time to end and listen ;) 

Take care guys! xx