Thursday, October 13, 2011

New EP from Orianthi - "FIRE" available on iTunes!

Since yesterday on iTunes we can buy newest EP from "Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT" guitarist - Orianthi!
Premiere of full album will be in January 2012. EP is including 5 tracks, we can hear: beautiful ballads (my favourite "How Do You Sleep") and harder tunes ("Heaven In This Hell").
Until someone won't delete this - you can listen all 5 tracks on YouTube (of course you can listen and then download...just like me :))

Tracklist of full album:

1. Rock
2. If You Think That You Know Me
3. Frozen
4. Heaven In This Hell
5. Fire
6. How Does That Feel
7. I Would Do Anything
8. How Do You Sleep
9. Don't Just Walk Away From Me
10. Run Baby Run
11. World Gone Crazy
12. Play With Me
13. Paranoid
14. Light In The Dark

From songs which will be on the full album and aren't on EP we know: Rock & Paranoid. Orianthi is playing both on her concerts.

Orianthi is working over her album with Dave Stewart.

Friday, October 7, 2011

New album of Michael Jackson's guitarist!

Young guitarist of worldwide famous production "Michael Jackson's THI IS IT!", Orianthi - also called "guitar heroine" - is ending her next CD! Album will be called "FIRE". After watching "making of" I'm sure that it will be amazing production! Maybe better than "Believe" from 2009. :)

This photo will be on the cover.