Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Conspirators at Bob Irwin Foundation launch at Lona Pine Koala Sanctuary.

More about Bob Irwin Foundation at :

Some pics from the Lona Pine Koala Santuary, Brisbane - Australia, 08/23/2012

 The Boss & Mr Bob Irwin

Myles, Frankie, Dammit, Mr Bob Irwin & Fitzy

Maybe now "some" pics with koalas? :)

Slash and his little friend :)

Selena & Myles Kennedy (:

Ian Keith (Myles' friend & tech)

Todd and his Miss Koala : "Her name is Victory. We're in love. We're gettin a place in Brisbane. It's true love :)"


Frankie prefers kangaroos! (I haven't found any pic of him with koala :D)

Emu time! :D


& Myles with his friend :)

Maybe now...more kangaroos? 

The Boss!

Frankie, Dammit 

& Fitzy also found a new friends! :)

At the end Slash with little crocodile :) 

I remember when I was a kid...I was grwing up with The Crocodile Hunter series. So sad that Steve Irwin isn't with us anymore.. 

Fitzy, Myles & Selena